Outsourcing is fraught with difficulty and danger. Whilst success can bring significant benefits, few major change initiatives provide such scale of opportunity to ‘get it wrong’.

Perspectus can help you plot a course through the outsourcing minefield, from building your sourcing strategy, through initial investigations and on to transition and operation of the outsourced activity.

The Outsourcing Scene

While it has not taken hold as some analysts predicted and many vendors hoped, outsourcing is on the business agenda and it’s going to stay there.

Many businesses cite increased returns on investment by contracting out non-core or sub-scale functions or processes to specialist providers who bring economies of scale and best in class practices. However, it’s not just about saving money. It is also about doing things quicker, more flexibly and getting to market faster than your competitors.

On the flip-side, there have been some well publicised outsourcing disasters in recent years, and some of these have seen organisations bring outsourced activities back in house and buy themselves out of long-term engagements with service providers.


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