The Trouble with Change

Change can go wrong, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Perspectus is expert in diagnosing and fixing change initiatives that are threatening to go wrong or have already done so.

Managing change is a challenge for every business. From deciding what change to undertake, through to implementation, operation and delivery of benefits, there are many pitfalls.

Why has this project gone wrong?
Projects hit problems for a variety of reasons: poor planning, ambiguous objectives, lack of sponsorship, poor project management or getting bogged down with methodologies. These problems are notoriously difficult to control and can consume vast amounts of time and money if not addressed effectively.

Are we tackling the right issues?
This is a question that raises itself again and again throughout the life of an initiative. It is hard enough deciding what to do in the first place, but things can happen which impact change initiatives and should trigger a reassessment of relevance, progress and direction. Given the momentum that major change initiatives develop, it is often hard to stand back and clinically assess whether what seemed right twelve months ago still holds true today.

Where are the benefits?
There is nothing more disappointing than embarking on time-consuming and costly change with the promise of substantial business benefits, only to find that the benefits do not materialise or are not of a scale to justify the investment.

How do I make this change without stopping the business?
In some instances the change is so fundamental or so large that it runs the risk of paralysing, or at least severely compromising, your business.

  The Trouble With Change
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