Strategy for IT

Effective management and delivery of IT is critical in business today. For most organisations IT represents a major cost and it has almost unrivalled potential to both create and destroy business value.

A true Strategy for IT is a rare beast and yet a vital extension to your business strategy and plans. It does not replace the more traditional ‘technical’ IT Strategy but it is not the same thing.

What is a Strategy for IT?

In essence, it is about three things.

In order to plot a course through the technology maze and ensure that IT contributes to business success, it is vital that you understand the role and potential of IT within your business.

Countless millions have been wasted in recent years by major businesses following seemingly irresistible technology-led innovation. Based on a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve with IT, a simple yet robust decision-making framework will help you to measure the business and IT fit of proposed initiatives before significant funds are committed.

In many cases IT is managed at arms length within businesses, often because of a lack of understanding. As a result it can be viewed as expensive, unresponsive and lacking business focus. Since IT is now such a key enabler of business success, this arms length approach cannot be sustained and IT operations and investments must be visible, measurable and subject to continuous improvement.

Ultimately, your organisation’s Strategy for IT is designed to provide the framework that allows IT to be managed as a strategic business asset.


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